Path to Freedom (PtF)

What are the prerequisites for Path to Freedom? 

PtF applicants are required to complete EPP’s foundational Enneagram course, 9PrisonsONEKey, prior to applying to participate in PtF. You will be expected to have developed familiarity with the teachings in the Wisdom of the Enneagram book, and already engaged with the self-awareness practices introduced in 9PrisonsONEKey.

How many courses are there in Path To Freedom (PtF)? 

There are four courses in the PtF program, and each course consists of three 3-hour sessions.  In addition, there is approximately 15-hours of self-guided work that is supported by EPP’s Learning Management System (LMS). The four courses are:

Course 1: Navigating our Territory

    • Session 1 (3-hours)
    • Session 2 (3-hours)
    • Session 3 (3-hours)

Course 2: How We Develop

    • Session 1 (3-hours)
    • Session 2 (3-hours)
    • Session 3 (3-hours)

Course 3: Addicted to Personality

    • Session 1 (3-hours)
    • Session 2 (3-hours)
    • Session 3 (3-hours)

Course 4: Defenses & Reactivity

    • Session 1 (3-hours)
    • Session 2 (3-hours)
    • Session 3 (3-hours)

When I apply for Path to Freedom (PtF), am I committing to completing all four courses in the program? 

Yes. We do not offer the courses in PtF out of sequence, nor do we offer the option of taking them individually. Path to Freedom is designed to take you on an inner journey, supported by EPP Guides, our intentional curriculum, and a compassionate community with whom you will be invited to grow, soften, heal, unfold, and transform. Each course within PtF builds upon the previous course, reinforces practices that support your inner work, and helps to cultivate self-awareness. We ask you to commit to completing all four courses in the program in succession, and invite you to consider your capacity, commitment, and availability as you assess your overall readiness to participate in our intensive course of study. PtF is a significant commitment of time and energy.

What is the format of Path to Freedom (PtF)? 

PtF is a new offering being piloted for the first time in 2021. EPP uses a blended-learning model that includes facilitated zoom gatherings, ongoing small group work, and self-guided online learning through EPP’s Learning Management System (LMS). The format is as follows:

  • PtF participants will be organized into 15-20-person cohorts, supported by two EPP Guides;
  • Each of the four courses contains three 3-hour virtual gatherings facilitated by EPP Guides for a total of 12 classes (i.e. 4 courses over 3 sessions for a total of 12 classes);
  • Each participant is assigned to a small group comprised of four to five participants to support accountability, and provide ongoing space for reflection, discussion, and practice; and
  • Self-guided online learning through EPP’s LMS.

If I want to apply for EPP’s Guide Training Program (GTP), do I have to complete Path to Freedom (PtF)?

Yes. PtF is a prerequisite to applying for EPP’s Guide Training Program (GTP). There are no exceptions to this requirement.

I am already a certified Enneagram Teacher and/or IEA Accredited Professional, am I still required to complete Path to Freedom (PtF) prior to applying for EPP’s Guide Training Program (GTP)? 

Yes. PtF is a prerequisite for everyone seeking to apply for GTP. There are no exceptions. While additional Enneagram training outside of EPP is valuable and encouraged for self-development, all prospective GTP participants are required to complete 9P1K and PtF prior to applying for GTP.

Becoming an EPP Guide in a New Location

Some applicants would like to become an EPP guide in a location where EPP does not yet have partnerships with a jail or prison. If you are interested in helping to start a new EPP chapter, it is important to know that in addition to training to be an EPP certified guide, you may also be invited to serve as a pioneer for EPP in helping us to establish our organization in that new region. Responsibilities to support establishing EPP in a new location include finding and working with at least two other like-hearted people who align with our vision and mission. Other requirements may include, but are not limited to communicating with local prisons or jails, budgeting, fundraising, and recruiting new guides. The EPP community will offer experience, advice, and strategy to support those who are establishing a new location, however, the primary responsibility will be on the local organizing team and emerging EPP Chapter.

For more information on becoming an EPP Chapter/Affiliate contact [email protected].

How long will it take to complete the GTP?

We strongly recommend that you complete any other certification or training programs (coaching, teaching, or the like) in which you are involved prior to applying to the GTP so that you can give this program your full attention. We estimate a minimum of 18-months from start to finish to complete all portions of the training:

Step 1. 9PrisonsONEKey (9P1K) | 2 months

Step 2. Path to Freedom (PtF) | 4 months

[Step 3. Guide Training Program (GTP) Application]

Step 4. GTP Practicum & Garden |  3-4 months

[Step 5. Virtual Gateway Committee]

Step 6. GTP Virtual Apprenticeship | 6 months

[Step 7.  In-Custody Apprenticeship Gateway]

Step 8. In-Custody Guide Apprenticeship| 2 months

Step 9. EPP Guide Certification

How long does The Garden Practicum take to complete?

One’s commitment, capacity, and availability for practice will determine how quickly they are able to move through this portion of the training.The minimum practice time required in the Garden Practicum is 15 hours and is expected to be completed within four months.

When will I be hired as a guide? 

Certification as an EPP Apprentice or Guide makes you eligible for hire, but does not constitute a guarantee of hire. Guides will be retained based on availability; the demand for EPP Programs virtually and in-person; commitment to and demonstration of ongoing inner work as well as EPP’s core values. In some cases, newly certified guides may complete their training before EPP has partnered with an institution in your location.

The Overall Journey to EPP Guide Certification

Please see PtF

What happens between the end of Path to Freedom (PtF) program and GTP?

After completion of Path to Freedom, those interested in becoming an EPP certified guide are invited to complete the application for the Guide Training Program.

What is required to qualify for the GTP?

  • Full completion of 9P1K
  • Full completion of all the courses within Path to Freedom
  • Submission of the GTP application including self-observation and guide-observations

What are you looking for in candidates in order to be accepted into the guide program?

  • Completion of our basic curriculum (see above)
  • Alignment with EPP’s mission, vision and values
  • Willingness to assess yourself honestly
  • Openness to developing your current level of understanding and skills
  • Willingness to receive feedback and grow

How will I get feedback during this four month program?

As part of a tight-knit group of participants who are guided by experienced Faculty and EPP Guides, you will have plenty of opportunities to receive feedback from your mentors, as well as from your peers. In addition, you will be invited to do regular self-observations of your development and skills.

Will I know before I apply if there are things I still need to work on?

Yes, each applicant to the GTP will receive feedback from an EPP Guide as part of their assessment of readiness.

Logistics & Costs

Can I take the classes out of order over an extended period? What kind of flexibility do I have?

We require that you take all of the courses (9P1K, PtF, and GTP), and classes within each of the courses, in order. The sequencing is designed to offer a progressive deepening of both the content, and of your self-awareness journey. It is possible for you to pause between 9P1K and PtF. It is also possible to repeat the course offerings.

When I first became interested, EPP required Enneagram teacher certification, which I got specifically to become a guide. Do I still have to complete 9P1K and PtF before applying for the GTP? 

Yes. 9P1K and PtF are the foundational teaching of the GTP curriculum and a requirement for all GTP applicants. One of the silver linings of the pandemic is that it allowed EPP to re-imagine our Guide Training Program to provide participants with more time to fully integrate our curriculum. We have done this by allowing everyone who aspires to guide others in EPP’s compassionate curriculum to first become a student of it. It also allows EPP to make our Guide Training Program (GTP) more accessible to people from all backgrounds.

Enneagram Teacher certification from other schools is highly valuable and relevant for those applying for EPP’s GTP. It does not; however, replace the requirement of first completing 9P1K and PtF.

What is the cost for completing the full program beginning with 9P1K through GTP? For individual courses?

There is no fee to participate in 9P1K, PtF, or GTP. EPP knows that the Enneagram was always meant for everyone. We also know that it has not always been accessible to everyone. We are committed to offering our compassionate curriculum to people from all backgrounds, including those who have been touched by incarceration. As such, we have adopted a unique approach to tuition for 9P1K, PtF, and GTP. EPP’s donation-based tuition model is voluntary and is paid at the end of each of the courses, as well as the apprenticeships. Upon completion, you are invited to financially invest in the course, selecting an amount that reflects the value you received from it, with integrity and respect to your financial means. As a reference, a donation of $5,000 supports the cost of one participant for each one of our GTP courses and both virtual and in-custody apprenticeships.


If I’m taking 9P1K this fall, can I also begin Path to Freedom at the same time if it overlaps?

No. Completion of 9P1K is a prerequisite for PtF. Please take your time to complete 9P1K before applying to Path to Freedom (PtF). There is no rush!

Do I need to be a certified Enneagram teacher to apply?

There are no additional certification requirements for application to the Guide Training Program beyond the full participation in and completion of 9P1K and PtF. We would like to emphasize, however, that our Guide Training Program requires deeply developed individuals and encourages the deepening of Enneagram studies through other schools.

Are Virtual and/or In-Custody Apprenticeships paid?

No, virtual and in-custody apprenticeships are not paid. Virtual and in-custody apprentices are part of the GTP program. Once certified Virtual Apprentices are eligible to be hired and paid to deliver EPP’s virtual programs and EPP certified Guides are eligible to be hired and paid to deliver all programs both In-Person (jail/prison, educational field, and organizations) and virtually.

What if EPP is not programming in a facility near me? Should I wait to take this training? 

Currently EPP has more demand for our programs than resources. EPP’s Guide Training Program is designed to grow enough guides to support the scaling of our programs. We have a vision to resource every jail and prison in the world with trained EPP Guides. As you consider pursuing the path to become a certified guide, we encourage you to trust your own inner guidance relative to your personal capacity and readiness to take this journey with us.