For the first time…

Enneagram Prison Project (EPP) is offering a virtual introductory Enneagram workshop facilitated by EPP Faculty, including EPP Founder and Human Potentialist Susan Olesek.

This workshop will illuminate how we are all in a prison of our own making in the ways that we suffer our personality, and make clear that we all hold the key to our own freedom.

Participants will learn EPP’s foundational approach to teaching the Enneagram, which begins with an exploration of what’s right with us.

The Enneagram is an intelligent and incisive self-awareness tool for personal transformation and spiritual growth. For those who have studied the Enneagram of Personality, we know that it provides a clear roadmap to understanding why we do the things we do.

Enneagram DiagramAt EPP we begin our journey of self-discovery with the fundamental approach that there is nothing wrong with you, and that each of us is already whole. Using the Enneagram as a systematic map of nine essential qualities to remember what is right about us, we learn to recognize the patterned ways in which we are so self-forgetting.

A Profound Path to Self-Awareness

Participants will come away with a deeper and more compassionate understanding of both self and others. EPP recognizes personality as an intelligent survival system, learned in childhood, and carried into our adulthoods in ways that can be both productive and self-limiting. You will come away empowered with the most important knowledge that exists – self-knowing, which will create opportunities for greater self-awareness, self-regulation, and self-compassion.


There are no pre-requirements for this workshop.

Registration is open to ALL who are interested in deepening their relationship with self and others through an understanding of the Enneagram. Both beginners and seasoned Enneagram students will benefit.

For those who are interested in applying to EPP’s Guide Training Program, this workshop is being introduced as a prerequisite. If you have any questions, we encourage you to reach out to us for more information.

Donation-based tuition

EPP’s vision is to free people – all over the world – from the prisons of our own making. Inspired by this vision, our shared values, and a deep commitment to creating diverse, equitable, and inclusive spaces, we are offering an uncommon approach to tuition for the 9 Prisons ONE Key™ workshop, which we have modeled after the Pachamama Alliances’ Game Changer Intensive.

This donation-based tuition model is voluntary and is paid at the end of the course. Upon completion, you are requested to financially invest in the workshop, selecting an amount that reflects the value you received from the course and that has integrity with respect to your financial means. If it helps, a donation of $250 helps cover the cost of one participant.


This 28.5 hour workshop includes:

  • Two 3-hour intimate zoom gatherings facilitated by EPP Faculty

  • Nine 2.5-hour (recorded) panel sessions on zoom

These gatherings will be limited to a cohort of approximately 15 people to allow for an intimate and participatory guided experience. In addition, drawing on the narrative tradition, where types speak for themselves, Faculty will host nine panel sessions on zoom, one session for each of the nine Enneagram types. The panel sessions will include a deeper exploration and teaching on the type followed by a panel discussion with exemplars exploring that particular type using the narrative tradition where people are the experts on themselves. Panel sessions will also include an opportunity for participants to process their learning in smaller breakout groups immediately following the panel with the support of an EPP Guide.

Please note: participants are asked to attend the three hour opening and closing sessions on the designated dates and times. The panel sessions will be recorded and participants may join in real-time or will have the opportunity to view a recorded version of the panel, which will be made available for viewing during a 48-hour timeframe after completion of the panel. Deeper learning will be available to those who are able to participate in real-time with the breakout rooms following the live panel session.


Applications for the July cohorts have closed.

Dates for the next offering of 9P1K will be announced in August.

Questions? Contact us at info@enneagramprisonproject.org