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“It’s not just difficult to do ‘the work’ alone, it’s impossible.”
– George Ivanovich Gurdjieff


At EPP one of our core values is that we do the work together. We know the importance of a compassionate community and a safe space to this deep work required for transformation. We also know that the Enneagram is for everyone. With this in mind we have decided to bring our course curriculum previously taught “on the inside” to the public domain.

9PrisonsONEKey (9P1K) is EPP’s comprehensive, foundational approach to the Enneagram. 9P1K is being offered virtually to participants from around the globe. Facilitated by EPP Guides, 9P1K illuminates how we are all in a prison of our own making in the ways that we suffer our personality, and makes clear that we all hold the key to our freedom.

9P1K is a 45-hour International Enneagram Association (IEA) accredited training program.

IEA Accredited Training Program

EPP’s Compassionate Approach

The Enneagram is an incisive self-awareness tool for personal transformation and spiritual growth. For those who have studied the Enneagram of Personality, we know that it provides a clear roadmap to understanding why we do the things we do.

Enneagram DiagramAt EPP we begin our journey of self-discovery with the fundamental approach that there is nothing wrong with you, and that each of us is already whole. Using the Enneagram as a systematic map of nine essential qualities to remember what is right about us, we learn to see the patterned ways in which we are so self-forgetting.

Why would you recommend this course?

I love the diversity of the group… and really appreciate the young people on the panels and seeing a whole new generation learn about the Enneagram.
– Katie Gay, California

A Profound Path to Self-Awareness

Participants will come away with a deeper and more compassionate understanding of both self and others. EPP recognizes personality as an intelligent survival system, learned in childhood, and carried into our adulthoods in ways that can be both productive and self-limiting. You will come away empowered with the most important knowledge that exists – self-knowing – which will create opportunities for greater self-awareness, self-regulation, and self-compassion.

Would you recommend this course?

YES, YES, YES. It is accessible to all, which is not often the case for the South African exchange rate and international courses and exposure. It is authentic, loving and masterfully facilitated. I found my heart growing throughout the experience, finding news levels of depth and compassion for all the types. It’s sparked an even greater desire of mine to grow in my understanding of the Enneagram.
– Gill Schultz, South Africa

Am I Ready to Apply?

The following questions will help you assess your readiness to apply to 9P1K:
Do I have an open heart and curious mind?
Participants are invited into the deep work of self-knowing. It is not for the faint of heart. EPP’s compassionate approach invites each of us to practice self-awareness, and bring an open heart and a “beginner’s mind” to the work.

Am I able to commit at least 5 hours a week to the program?
9P1K is an 10-week virtual program that includes weekly live sessions facilitated by EPP Guides, as well as homework that includes reading from the Wisdom of the Enneagram and self-guided online learning through EPP’s Learning Management System. The LMS includes video recordings and exercises required for the live zoom teachings.

Do I have a suitable computer, and a reliable internet connection?
Please take a moment to consider the following general requirements:

  • 2010 or newer desktop or laptop computer. (Tablet / phone not recommended)
  • Webcam or integrated camera and microphone.
  • Reliable internet suitable for video streaming. For example: Netflix or YouTube in SD or HD without frequent buffering or other issues.*

For more specific specifications please see Zoom System requirements.

*If you will be traveling or attending from multiple locations please take a moment to consider the internet connection and hardware you will have access to in each location.

If English is not your first language, please consider your comfort level with reading, writing, and speaking in English. We are working toward offering translations of our materials in multiple languages. Currently, we offer English speaking & French speaking cohorts.


This 45 hour course includes:

  • One 3-hour Opening Zoom session facilitated by EPP Guides (3 hours)

  • Nine 1 ½ to 2-hour pre-recorded teaching and type panels (approx. 15 hours)

  • Six 2-hour weekly Zoom cohort sessions (12 hours)

  • One 3-hour Closing Zoom session facilitated by EPP Guides (3 hours)

  • Approximately 1.5 hours of weekly homework, including journal exercises, reading from the Wisdom of the Enneagram, and a daily presence practice. (12 hours)


Applicants are placed into Cohorts of approximately 16 people to allow for an intimate and participatory guided experience. Using EPP’s Learning Management System (LMS), participants watch nine pre-recorded type-specific panels, which exemplify the beauty and diversity of our community. Type panels include a deep teaching and exploration on the nine specific Enneagram types as well as the three Centers of Intelligence.

Please note: To experience deeper learning, participants are asked to attend ALL 8 live cohort sessions and complete pre-recorded teaching and type panel videos (via the LMS) prior to each session.

See 9P1K participants talk about their experience

Questions? Check out our FAQs

What did you appreciate about the course?

That it is teaching both the ‘what’ AND the ‘how’, in other words that it includes lots of embedded ‘loop input’ where we are learning not just about the Types, etc. but all kinds of subtle practical techniques that need to be deployed when working with people (in prison). I also love the clear dedication of everybody on board to the project; their level of self-awareness and the sheer diversity of all the participants.

I love that it has a little bit of everything: written content, visual summaries, videos, a chat forum; opportunities for self-study and collaboration/discussion. It caters to all learner types, which I think is important.

– Fatime Losonci, Mexico

Donation-based tuition

There is no fee to participate in this course. EPP uses a donation-based tuition model, which is voluntary and paid at the end of the course.


Applications for our fall 2022 program has closed.


Week of March 12th: Participant Orientation
Weeks of March 19th – May 7th: Cohort session weeks
Week of May 14th: Next Steps session


Week of Sep 3rd: Participant Orientation
Weeks of Sep 10th – Oct 29th: Cohort session weeks
Week of Nov 5th: Next Steps session

Questions? Check out our FAQs and/or contact us at [email protected]




Founder Enneagram Prison Project

Susan Olesek was born outside of Boston, schooled in Hong Kong, Tokyo, and England, and obtained a B.A. in sociology from Occidental College. She is certified by two Enneagram training schools: Palmer-Daniels and Riso-Hudson.

In 2009, shortly after her first certification, Susan was invited to a little Texas prison to teach the Enneagram to about one hundred incarcerated men who were in an entrepreneurship program. She witnessed profound changes in these men and their inspiring ability to articulate insights. This immensely practical use of the  Enneagram system inspired Susan and changed the trajectory of her personal and professional life forever. In 2012 she founded Enneagram Prison Project (EPP) in order to bring this self-awareness training tool to more of the population that seemed to need it the most. Today, Enneagram Prison Project is a burgeoning, paradigm- shifting model of self-awareness education for the incarcerated spreading across the globe. Susan no longer feels that she is growing the project, but rather that EPP is growing her.

Susan is an unapologetic idealist, a “Human Potentialist” and social entrepreneur in pursuit of what’s possible for all people when they get to know themselves. She lives in the Santa Cruz mountains with her three children and her husband, Rick, EPP’s Executive Director and her “steady seven.”
EPP – GTP Faculty


Susanne GawrelukFaculty: Susanne Gawreluk

Susanne Gawreluk lives in Minnesota. She earned a M.A. in Human Development from St. Mary’s University and a B.A. in Organizational Management & Communications. She is certified in The Narrative Enneagram and is an IEA Accredited Professional.

To support Enneagram community awareness, Susanne became the MN-IEA outreach chair in 2015 and co-taught weekly Enneagram classes at Shakopee Women’s prison. In 2017, she desired curriculum support, the universe aligned, and she discovered Enneagram Prison Project (EPP). She became a certified EPP Guide and founded EPP-MN as Chapter Leader in 2018. As EPP Faculty, Susanne loves supporting new guides, curriculum development and global growth. Susanne’s Type 4 depth appreciates how EPP wraps the Enneagram in unconditional positive regard from our guides to our students inside the world of corrections. Frankly, this is hard enough to imagine in the outside world! The best day of my week is the day I get to be a Guide in prison. To support the awakening of light in fellow human beings that are living in the darkest of places is to witness true transformation. What an honor it is to be part of EPP!

As a WellBEing consultant since 1999, Susanne integrates the art & science of medical massage, spiritual direction, and energy healing in private practice. When not shoveling snow, she enjoys her better half, Mike, their two adult children, and two cats. Creating art, laughing with close friends, and sipping chai tea recharges her batteries.


Vibha GosselinFaculty: Vibha Gosselin

Vibha Gosselin was born in India and grew up in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry. She studied in the International Centre of Education majoring in Sanskrit and Indian Yogic Psychology. She did a B.A in sociology at the Sorbonne when she moved to France 10 years later.
She is certified by three Enneagram training schools : The Narrative Enneagram, The HPEI – Belgium, and the Awareness to Action Institute.

Supported by Helen Palmer Vibha started an Enneagram study group in 2008, was one of the founding members of IEA France, hosted Peter O’Hanrahan in France and translated for him while he established the Narrative Tradition curriculum at Regard9 – Nantes.

Vibha first heard about EPP founder Susan Olesek’s work way back in 2010. Watching from afar, she was deeply touched by the way Susan saw human beauty in the most unexpected of places alongside profound pain, and how the men inside made her see the work to be done. When EPP came to Belgium, a chain of unusual events connected Vibha to the Project. She is now an EPP Guide in France, a Faculty member, and delighted to be part of a growing team of dedicated people, in the process of transforming their own and others’ lives both inside and outside.

She lives in Normandy with her husband David and two teenage boys. Vibha enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling to retreats in the Gurdjieff work, and continuing to explore ways to bring the east and the west together within herself and through impromptu conversations.

Phil GebbenGreenFaculty: Phil GebbenGreen

Phil GebbenGreen has lived around the United States in Michigan, Wisconsin, Oregon, California, and now Minnesota, receiving a B.A. in English from Calvin College and an M.Div. from San Francisco Theological Seminary. Phil has studied primarily with the  Riso-Hudson school and is an IEA Accredited Professional.

After mis-typing himself as a Type Nine for eleven years, Phil discovered his real home base in Type Eight and renewed his passion for Enneagram study and work.  Mostly through the delight and challenges of raising three children, he experienced the softness and connection that come from his gentler, more innocent self. In late 2017, Phil heard a presentation by Susan Olesek and immediately applied to be a Guide with Enneagram Prison Project (EPP), finishing his training and apprenticeship by mid-2018, helping to found the Minnesota Chapter of EPP, and joining the EPP Faculty later that year.  Phil loves working with the women of Shakopee Women’s Prison in Minnesota, loves teaching new EPP Guides, and loves the way EPP brings together his passions for transformation and learning and healing for everyone everywhere.

When he is not working with EPP, Phil is a Presbyterian co-pastor with his wife, Julie, who together are learning from their three teenagers in Saint Paul, Minnesota.


Faculty: Dana Vitorelo

Dana Vitorelo was born and raised in the Bay Area, CA. She earned her B.A. in Psychology from Chapman University and M.A. in Depth Psychology from Sonoma State University. Dana is dual certified through The Narrative Enneagram and is an IEA Accredited Professional.

At her first Enneagram training in 2015, Dana had the pleasure of meeting and promptly falling in love with O.G. Enneagram Prison Project Ambassadors Alex Senegal and Victor Soto. With their encouragement, she applied for EPP’s first pilot training inside Santa Clara’s Elmwood jail and instantly felt at home with the men in class. She found her people and her calling during that pilot training. Dana is now a Master Guide and Faculty member with EPP. Through this work, she is reminded daily of the sacredness and suffering that we all experience as part of the human condition.

As a Type Six Dana finds immense joy in holding space for, supporting, and loving deeply those yearning to find a way back home to themselves. She is honored and humbled to be part of a collective where the work of choice is to intentionally and continuously wake up to the inherent preciousness, perfection, and wisdom that is already living within each of us. Dana currently lives in the North Bay with her dog Sophia and cat Bast. In her free time she is hanging out with family, stuffing her mind with new information, or simply enjoying solitude.

Faculty: Sue Lambert

Sue Lambert is EPP’s Ambassador Liaison extraordinaire, a member of the EPP Ambassador Board of Directors, Co-Facilitator of EPP’s Reconnecting Support Group meetings, an EPP Guide, and an EPP faculty member. She is completing the last steps of achieving her Enneagram Certification/Teaching Certificate through the Narrative Tradition, and finishing the New Ventures West Integral Coaching program to become a Certified Life Coach. Sue is also an IEA (International Enneagram Association), Accredited Professional. She identifies with Type 1 on the Enneagram and loves to spend her time helping and supporting others as they navigate the challenges in their life, post-incarceration. Sue lives with her daughter, son-in-law, and grandkids and is “Nanny Granny” to them all. She feels a strong connection to her essential self when she is outside and enjoying nature, where she feels everything is “perfect” the way it is. Sue learned about the Enneagram and EPP behind bars, a place most of her life she never dreamed she would be. She had never been in trouble but soon realized she had been in trouble in many ways, most of her life, and now there she was, in the worst place she thought she could ever be. Sue’s story includes what she describes as a dark time in her life, where she was also able to find light, and one of those light beams was the union she found with EPP, an alliance Sue says has changed her life.