Our Impact

The United States has the highest rate of imprisonment in the world; no other nation even comes close to our figures.

  • The United States has 5% of the world’s population yet incarcerates 25%1
  • The total cost per inmate in the U.S. averages $33,2742
  • Total state spending on corrections is about $52 billion, the majority is on prisons.3
  • Our prison population grew by 700% in 30 years in the U.S.4


EPP’s approach to corrections teaches self-regulation through self-knowing. EPP focuses on the criminogenic nature of recidivism: antisocial attitudes, values and beliefs, low self-control, substance abuse and dysfunctional family backgrounds. By learning their Enneagram personality type and engaging in the deep work of self-study and self-regulation, our students can understand and therefore change antisocial attitudes, emotional outbursts, and ultimately risky behaviors.


Encouraged by the overwhelming receptivity to our program by both students and correctional staff, with the support of the institutions in November of 2015 Enneagram Prison Project (EPP) calculated our recidivism rate of 5.35% in Santa Clara County jails and 10% in San Mateo County jails for our graduates. None of the students who took the EPP program more than once recidivated. Bolstered by this initial success with a relatively small population size, we have since sought to work with every population that was made available to us, including:

  • women and men
  • maximum, medium and minimum security
  • gang populations
  • protective custody
  • those serving life sentences
  • transitional housing populations
  • reentry center
  • general population

And in doing this we have:


courses taught (ranging from 8 weeks to 1 year)


Students Participated


Hours of classes taught

What we found is that the Enneagram “works” as a profound tool for human change. We continue to gather evidence to prove the efficacy of this tool as a means of personal transformation, lowering recidivism and, societal change.

Where we Program

In the U.S.

Currently, EPP’s highly trained and experienced staff provides continual 16-week and 1-year programs at San Quentin State Prison, 8-12 week programs in San Mateo County and Santa Clara jails, respectively, and ongoing weekly classes at the Santa Clara County Reentry Resource Center. EPP has responded to a demand for the Enneagram by offering our program to marginalized populations within the correctional system itself. Since our inception in 2012, there has been an increasing demand across all institutions offering the EPP program.


Concurrent with EPP’s impact in the United States, we have established a successful Global Affiliation Program. For more information, visit EPP International.

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