Become a founding member of EPP’s Freedom Circle today.

Be the foundation of our work and help grow our movement to transform lives! Join EPP’s multi-year major donor giving circle with a sustainable annual 3-year gift of $5,000 or more to EPP.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EPP’s Freedom Circle?

EPP’s Freedom Circle is a multi-year major giving circle that supports our ongoing work to free people – all over the world – from the prisons of our own making.

How much do I give annually to join the Freedom Circle?

Freedom Circle members commit to make an annual financial gift of $5,000 or more for three years.

We invite Freedom Circle members to make an ongoing financial investment in EPP that is aligned with their personal capacity, and that reflects their commitment to our work of transformation and justice.

What is the Founding Members Campaign?

The Freedom Circle Founding Members campaign is a special opportunity for you to join a compassionate community of investors that are establishing a sustaining giving program for EPP. Founding Members recognize the importance of building a healthy foundation for EPP to expand our reach.

As a founding member of our Freedom Circle, you will be a part of a group of like-hearted and like-minded people who understand what is possible when we find the key to our own freedom.

What do Freedom Circle funds support?

EPP Freedom Circle gifts are not restricted. Freedom Circle members support areas of most need within our organization.

Is my recurring gift tax-deductible?

Yes! Enneagram Prison Project is a non-profit, tax-exempt charitable organization (EIN #45-5340135) under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations through the Freedom Circle campaign are 100% tax-deductible as allowed by law.

How do I join the Freedom Circle?

There are many ways to designate your multi-year gift to EPP!

Gifts can be made through a donor-advised fund, personal check, or stock transfer. You can also donate online via PayPal, or through our online fundraising platform. We encourage “offline” gifts, if possible. Online gifts through PayPal and our online fundraising platform do incur somewhat significant online processing and transaction fees.

For more information about how to join the Freedom Circle and ways to give, please contact EPP Community Weaver Halida Hatic at [email protected] or (408) 600-0074.

Are there any special events for Freedom Circles members?

Freedom Circle members are invited to join EPP for an annual retreat to connect, engage with the work, and practice in community. We also look forward to celebrating your generosity and commitment to transforming lives through ongoing offerings to engage with our compassionate community throughout the year.

Will Freedom Circle members be introduced to one another?

Yes, and…it is up to you to decide how and when you would like to engage! We are so grateful for our compassionate community of change agents, and the transformative power of our core value of doing the work together! EPP will offer opportunities, both virtual and in-person, for Freedom Circle members to connect and engage with each other in community. When and how you are involved is completely up to you. We will not share any personal information, or contact information about you without first receiving your express permission.

Will the circle be anonymous, or published in some way?

Freedom Circle members have the choice to make their multi-year major gift anonymously, if they wish not to be named publicly.

For those Founding Members that do wish to be named, we will acknowledge your vision, leadership, and support on our website.

If you would like for your gift to be anonymous, or would like to discuss how you would like to be acknowledged, please contact Halida Hatic, [email protected], or (408) 600-0074.

What is EPP’s vision?

EPP’s vision is to free people – all over the world – from the prisons of our own making.

How is EPP approaching Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility, and Belonging (DEIA&B)?
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility, and Belonging (DEIA&B) is one of EPP’s core values. We are taking intentional action to make EPP an even more inclusive place for people from all backgrounds.

In 2020, we created an application based registration process for our 9PrisonsONEKey foundational Enneagram course. In addition, we chose to offer 9p1k using a voluntary donation-based tuition model that is paid at the end of the course. The application invites participants to share self-identifying information to support EPP in building psychologically safe and affirming spaces for people from all backgrounds to unfold together on their own self-discovery journeys. The donation-based tuition model is designed to remove financial barriers to participation, and allow each person to invest in the course by giving an amount that reflects the value they received, and is aligned with the integrity of their financial means.

In addition to DEIA&B, we are also guided by our core values of transparency and we do the work together as we examine our unconscious biases and work to create an inclusive culture where we normalize diversity.

Additional questions?

If you have any further questions, please contact Halida Hatic, [email protected], or (408) 600-0074.