Meet the Students

The people best poised to carry the work of human transformation furthest forward are those who have traveled the furthest depths of themselves.
Susan Olesek, EPP Founder


Ambassadors are the hope that the Enneagram system works and that people can change.Those formerly incarcerated are the most powerful voice available to substantiate our vision: freeing people — all over the world — from the prisons of our own making.


The ambassadors are change agents. They are the very reason why all of us at EPP are on a mission to change the way we do criminal reform. These courageous men and women who fell for themselves “on the inside” now provide a hope for how healing is not just possible, but it is happening.


The EPP Ambassador Program is a fellowship of and for the formerly incarcerated designed to support our students on their life-long path of continued development. Our program supports these returning citizens in transferring the skills, talents, and resiliency they honed on the streets, in gangs, or behind bars, into productive and meaningful living.

EPP Ambassadors become spokespeople EPP and are in training to become EPP Guides – future teachers of our curriculum. These are courageous men and women who have overcome abhorrent abuse, familial dysfunction, and countless internal obstacles. They have weathered the criminal justice system. And they have managed to hold onto their hearts. Ambassadors are becoming EPP Guides who can teach a master’s class on the consequences of personal sacrifice, forgiveness, and how to open to the best in ourselves.


EPP witnesses changes big and small every day. There are some individuals, however, who “get” this work and are hell-bent on transforming their whole lives. Each quarter we would like to highlight EPP Ambassadors who have connected with their own essential goodness in such a way that they literally shine.


Alex Senegal

“The river of life flows from the inside out” is the truth by which Alex lives his life and is the truth by which he encourages others to live as well. Alex has an uncanny knack for knowing what needs to be said or heard, as well as how to say it so that it resonates with and impacts the hearer’s spirit in a way that is profound and life-changing. Being a recipient of the Bibleway Christian Center’s Legacy Award is an example of just that, making lives better through love and acceptance.

Alex’s story is one that consisted of significant pain, loss, and dysfunction, which led him to make choices that were neither healthy for him nor those around him. These destructive choices resulted in Alex spending a total of 26 years in and out of the California correctional system. In 2014 while serving his last term, he was introduced to the Enneagram, which as he says, “introduced Alex to Alex.”

Today, Alex is a father, grandfather, an ordained minister, certified drug and alcohol counselor, court liaison, mental health specialist, and program manager at Destiny Reentry center in San Jose, California. He serves as both an EPP Ambassador and Board member, is pursuing certification to become an Enneagram teacher, and speaks on behalf of EPP with a passion for helping people overcome many of the same challenges in life that he has endured. Alex is an advocate for the homeless and those that are living on the margins of society. He is also actively engaged in raising awareness and speaking out against the unjust and inhumane response to the outbreak of COVID-19 in prisons and jails across the nation. Alex has committed himself and his voice to be a bridge to foster understanding, support learning and transformation, and move individual and collective hearts toward the creation of a socially just and equitable world.


Sue Lambert

Sue Lambert is an EPP Faculty member, Guide, and Ambassador. She is also a Life Coach, certified ACE (adverse childhood experiences) trainer, and IEA (International Enneagram Association) Accredited Professional. In addition, Sue is a lead guide for EPP’s Guide-in-Training program, mentoring EPP Apprenticing Guides both in-custody and through EPP’s virtual public offerings. As a Type 1 on the Enneagram, Sue is passionate and driven to support others as they navigate their own personal growth and development, post-incarceration. She finds joy and fulfillment in nurturing others to reach their highest potential. Sue lives with her daughter, son-in-law, and grandkids and is “Nanny Granny” to them all. She feels a strong connection to her essential self when she is outside and enjoying nature, or riding horses, where she knows in her heart that everything is “perfect” the way it is. Sue learned about the Enneagram and EPP behind bars, and serves as an exemplar for the work, inspiring people all over the world to find inner freedom. Sue’s story includes what she describes as a dark time in her life, where she was also able to find light, and one of those light beams was the union she found with EPP, an alliance Sue says has changed her life.


Clay Tumey

Clay Tumey was a successful, former bank robber who was serving time in a Texas prison when he was first introduced to the Enneagram. Though he felt freer on his first day in prison than he had in the years since turning himself in, Clay learned a freedom of another kind when he found himself as a Type 5 on the Enneagram. He took to this system as a way of remembering how to open his once-closed heart. Today, Clay is a dedicated father, author, soon to be certified teacher by Riso-Hudson and an Ambassador for Enneagram Prison Project as a national speaker, and inspirational model for personal transformation.