What is the structure of 9P1K Course sessions?

  • The course is 8-weeks, with one in-person virtual gathering each week for a total of 8 sessions.
    Participants are assigned to a Cohort of approximately 18 people and will stay together as a group for the entire course. Cohorts are facilitated by EPP Guides.
  • Participants are encouraged to be on video during all sessions. All sessions will include time in smaller breakout rooms to allow for more intimate discussions.
  • There will be an Orientation session the week prior to the course start, that is 90 min. There is one live virtual opening session, which is 3 hours in duration. There are a total of 9 recorded Panel sessions (approx. 2 hours each), one for each Enneagram Type, which will be accessed and viewed online via EPP’s Learning Management System (LMS). Approximately 5 hours of self-directed online learning will be required each week. Teaching and discussions of the Types will be broken down into their three Centers of Intelligence: Belly Center, Heart Center, and Head Center. Each Center of Intelligence (Belly, Heart, Head) will receive two dedicated, 2-hour sessions for an in-depth and experiential exploration of Types that reside in that Center. There is one Closing session, which is 3 hours in duration.

What are recorded Type Panel sessions?

  • The (previously) recorded panel sessions will include a deeper exploration and teaching on each Enneagram Type. Participants will be asked to view the 9 type panel recordings on their own time utilizing EPP’s Learning Management System (LMS). Following a set schedule, Cohorts will meet to discuss and explore each type in more depth with each Center of Intelligence, receiving two dedicated sessions per Center, for a total of 6 type and center specific in-person virtual gatherings. In the Narrative Tradition of learning the Enneagram, Type is explored and understood through personal stories shared by individuals who are working with that Type themselves.
  • Panelists in the recordings include EPP Guides, formerly incarcerated individuals, and others from the EPP Community who have a deep understanding of their Type.

Am I required to attend all of the sessions? Will they be recorded?

  • Yes, the expectation is that participants attend all eight sessions of their cohort to receive a certificate of completion. 100% completion of the Learning Management System (LMS) will also be required to receive a certificate of completion.
  • Although the live cohort sessions will be recorded, the recordings will be used for Guide development purposes only.  They will not be made available to any participants.  Our experience teaching inside of prisons and jails has helped us understand the importance of building a safe container for this profound work. We want cohort participants to be safe enough to share openly as they process what they are learning individually and together. Please refer to our Principles of Safety.

What to expect, how to prepare…

  • This course is designed for those that are brand-new to the Enneagram, as well as seasoned Enneagram students. There are no prerequisites for the course; however, there are a few things that you can do to prepare for our time together.
    • Consider starting a course journal to keep your notes, reflections, and learning in one place. Your journal can be a digital resource such as Penzu to complement our LMS, or it can be a paper/hard copy journal.
    • We strongly encourage you to purchase either a digital or a hard copy version of The Wisdom of the Enneagram by Don Riso and Russ Hudson. This is our primary “textbook” for the course, and a wonderful reference for your Enneagram journey. We encourage you to support your local bookseller; however, if you do purchase through Amazon, please consider using Amazon Smile and connecting your purchase to EPP!

What technology requirements are there to be enrolled in this course?

  • Please take a moment to consider the following general requirements:
    • 2010 or newer desktop or laptop computer. (Tablet / phone not recommended.)
    • Webcam or integrated camera and microphone.
    • Reliable internet suitable for video streaming. For example: Netflix or YouTube in SD or HD without frequent buffering or other issues.*
  • For more specific specifications please see Zoom System requirements.
  • If you will be traveling or attending from multiple locations please take a moment to consider the internet connection and hardware you will have access to in each location.

What is the suggested donation amount?

  • We are using a donation-based tuition model for this course. This donation-based tuition model is voluntary. Upon completion, you are requested to financially invest in the workshop, selecting an amount that reflects the value you received from the course and that has integrity with respect to your financial means. If it helps, a donation of $250 supports the cost of one participant.
  • If you are interested in learning more about how to become a philanthropic partner, and further advance EPP’s transformational work to free people – all over the world – from the prisons of our own making, please contact Halida Hatic at [email protected].

Will we be able to connect with our cohort after the course is complete?

  • Participants are welcome to self-organize outside of 9P1K. At the conclusion of the course, EPP will invite and welcome all 9P1K participants into the 9P1K Alumni community channel on EPP’s Slack workspace. This allows for continued connection to both your cohort and the larger community of 9P1K alums.

Is the 9P1K program available to people outside of the US?

  • Yes, our program is virtual and open to all. Reliable internet access is necessary, and session times are listed in a pacific time zone.
  • Currently, 9P1K is primarily being offered in English; however, we are actively working to pilot the offering in additional languages. Our first offering of 9P1K in French will be in the fall of 2021. If interested in the French speaking offering, please add your name to our INTEREST LIST.

Is there an age restriction?

  • Any participant that is younger than 18 years old is required to have parental consent to join. For additional questions, please email [email protected].

Why is EPP focused on creating diverse and inclusive cohorts?

  • At EPP we believe that diversity is a strength, and we aspire for it to be the norm. We know that the Enneagram was always meant for everyone. We also know that it has primarily been taught to white-bodied people in spaces designed for those same white-bodies.
  • We are not only committed to creating diverse spaces, which honor, celebrate, and appreciate our differences as we explore our shared humanity, but we are also committed to creating spaces that are inclusive and safe. In fact, we do not believe that we can have diversity without inclusion. This is why we are working so intentionally, with our eyes and hearts wide open, to nurture a community that is rooted in a deep sense of belonging…to ourselves and each other.

Is this a safe space...?

  • “The work” of self-knowing that we invite all of our participants into requires the continual reassurance that it is okay to be who we are; that it is safe to explore new frontiers inside of ourselves, and that it is okay to be in unknown territories. EPP is committed to creating and supporting psychologically and emotionally safe spaces required for people to do deep inner work. This begins with the expectation that each of us takes 100% emotional responsibility for ourselves, best we can, so that we can live into our core value of “We Do the Work Together.”
  • Please refer to our PRINCIPLES OF SAFETY